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Is Your Office Manager the Reason You Can’t Keep a Hygienist? Cindy's Story

With hygienists fleeing the dental field in record numbers, you can NOT afford to look the other way any longer. Learn the inside secrets of an office manager turned dental hygienist.

Cindy Rogers shares her candid story about how she herself treated hygienists like they were an outcast of the dental team. That was before she became one herself and was shown first-hand the other side of the story. The side where hygienists are often misunderstood- and frankly, used and abused.

The dental industry has been crushed. Even prior to the great shutdown of 2020, we felt the pinch in a lack of professionals to add to our teams. It is time that we have open honest conversations about what the heck is going on behind those masks.

Let’s get real and be a team again. Still. For once. Forever.

This episode is sponsored by rootUon and the Bridging the Gap Mentorship course for newer graduates. April, Cindy, and several special guests will be sharing more of their stories with you. You will learn from our experience how to find a great team and how to be a great team member.

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This episode is dedicated to Stephanie aka Patty