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Have you set up SOPs for your practice yet? 

Do not wait until it is too late. 

In 2009, Dr. Moorhead experienced an event that was life altering and made him change the way he works. 

He is now on a mission to help other dental professionals learn from his mistake. The mistake of not being prop…

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All About Gut Health With Dr. Odiatu. Our health is tied to our gut. More and more medical professionals are coming out and discussing our gut health and why this is important. Dr. Odiatu discusses gut health and how you can improve your health!

About Dr. Odiatu:

Dr. Odiatu is the author of The M…

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A Fistful of Deadly Mistakes a Dentist Makes. In this episode, we interview Steven Anderson author of Dental Ease. In everything he does, Author, Steve Anderson, finds no greater joy than to positively impact others and leave a lasting legacy of improvement.

For dentists, that means showing them …

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Today on the podcast we interview Colin Carr.

Colin Carr is a commercial real estate expert who has successfully completed over a
thousand commercial real estate transactions while saving his clients hundreds of
millions of dollars. Colin founded and scaled CARR, a nationwide commercial real

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Welcome back to the Dental Alements Podcast. Today our guest is Dr. Ron Schefdore.

Dr. Ron Schefdore has built a highly rewarding and profitable practice and has mentored many dentists to get the same results. Dr. Schefdore has proven that the ideas work in his own practice, and you can prove it …

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4 lifestyle habits that impact dental treatment- Interview With Dr. Uche. Check out the full video on our channel.

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4 lifestyle habits that impact dental treatment- Interview With Dr. Uche Odiatu.

About Dr. Odiatu

Dr. Odiatu is the author of The Miracle of Health.
He is double certified as a personal trainer, a certified yoga instructor and certified boot camp instructor and a professional member of the Ameri…

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We all need the human touch! In this podcast, we dive deep into why this is so important in our life and our business!

This episode is sponsored by the amazing AflexX Assist Arm.

Head on over to  www.aflexxassistarm.com/ref/300/ to check out all of the amazing aerosol reducing, earth-saving, and …

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This is the unbelievable, but true, story of April's friend and former co-worker Jennifer.  Her's is a story of utmost tenacity, resilience, and survival in the face of incredible challenges.  Jen also has used her story to inspire others and help guide them in a positive direction, help them "figh…

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Our Co-Founder April Sluiter Discusses Her Why For Becoming a Mentor. April details her story and the reasons behind why she left dental assisting and went into entrepreneurship and started Root U On and the Dental Alements Podcast with Cindy Rogers.

This episode is sponsored by rootUon and the B…

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Interview With Kelli Jaecks, MA, RDH- Self-Care Strategies to Slay Workplace Burnout. In this episode, we interview Kelli holds a Master’s degree from Oregon State University in Communication and Adult Education, where she taught Leadership and Public Speaking. She received her Bachelor of Science …

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With hygienists fleeing the dental field in record numbers, you can NOT afford to look the other way any longer. Learn the inside secrets of an office manager turned dental hygienist.

Cindy Rogers shares her candid story about how she herself treated hygienists like they were an outcast of the de…

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Today we have Yvonne Posey RDH on the show. Yvonne specializes in working with patients who suffer with complex trauma and the practitioners that work with them. Yvonne offers in depth training to help bridge the gap between the two to create a better experience for both.

Yvonne coaches providers …

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