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Ken Kaufman

Author of Financial Secrets to Grow Dental Organizations

Ken thrives as an executive in high-growth organizations; since 2004, Ken has served in CFO and President/CFO roles in venture capital and private equity-backed high-growth organizations, helping to drive growth of 3 to 10x during his tenure at each.

He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the dental industry, and he recently founded the Dental Finance Forum, the first mastermind of its kind that exclusively supports finance leaders of group practices and Dental Support Organizations. Keep an eye out for Ken's book, Dental Finance Secrets, scheduled to launch before the end of 2022!

He earned a business degree from BYU and MBA from the University of Georgia in finance & entrepreneurship where his peers selected him as the most outstanding student. He and his wife have been married for 24 years and have eight children. Ken enjoys serving in his church and uses whatever free time he can find to engage in cycling, mountain biking, and an occasional triathlon to keep himself humble.

DEO’s Financial Secrets To Grow Dental Organizations
May 18, 2023

DEO’s Financial Secrets To Grow Dental Organizations

In this episode you’re going to learn the difference between a DSO and a DEO. You will also hear how AI could lead to potential job losses in the dental industry. Ken Kaufman shares insights and strategies to help dental …

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