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Feb. 16, 2021

A~flexX Founder on Ergonomics + Aerosol Management

A~flexX Founder on Ergonomics + Aerosol Management
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If you are in dentistry, then you need a third arm! Now that we got your attention, let us introduce the amazingly innovative dental pro Aurelia Byrne, the owner, and designer of A~flexX Assist Arm. A~flexX Assist Arm was born before the pandemic but has grown into a product that the dental industry has desperately needed. Hands-free aerosol management! And yes, it has been tested as a wine holder! 

This amazing equipment serves as a dental professional's best friend! You can learn more by visiting their website here: https://aflexxassistarm.com/ref/300/

Use promo code aflexx1 for a special discount price!