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March 16, 2021

A Mother's Story of Hope-Bringing to Light a Disease Dentistry Isn't Well-Equipped to Treat

A Mother's Story of Hope-Bringing to Light a Disease Dentistry Isn't Well-Equipped to Treat
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This is the story of Solomon, a sweet and inspiring child who has Epidermylosis Bullosa, a disease that causes the skin and mucous membranes to be as fragile as butterfly wings; any mild trauma or friction results in their skin blistering. This also affects their oral health, and we as dental professionals aren't well-informed on how to provide the care they need, and in a safe environment.  

Dori shares her story not only through her eyes as a mother, but also through the eyes of her son Solomon, and her journey to find a dentist to treat her son safely. As a collective, we can start bringing awareness to this disease and how we, as health care providers, can give them the care they deserve.  

Resources available for parents of EB and dental professionals






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