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Ergonomically Fit Dentistry with Katrina Klein

A fit dental hygienist shares ergonomically correct positions to help save clinicians' careers.

Are you in pain?
Is dentistry killing your body?
Do you want to prevent pain?
Are you considering early retirement?

If you are a dental professional, whether that be a dentist, hygienist, front office, or assistant, do your body and your career a huge favor and listen to this episode. Katrina shares with you several valuable techniques, tricks, and tips to keep you on your toes, literally.

Katrina is a 15-year dental hygienist, speaker, competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, and biomechanics nerd. She’s the founder of ErgoFitLife, where she teaches that ergonomics and fitness are a lifestyle. 

Whether instructing individual clinicians, small or large groups, she is passionate about teaching others to work smarter, not harder. She has been published in DentalTown magazine, and has more articles on the way! 

To learn more about Katrina, head on over to rootUon.com

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