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Nov. 4, 2020

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
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We talk needles, numbing and passing gas with Teacher Tina RDH.  Tina Clarke shares some of her insight on teaching dental anesthesia, and how it could be an asset to allow dental assistants to take on the task (with coursework, of course). Tina also takes a comedic turn and reveals how something small can leave a big impact.

You can find more information on Tina and her courses on her website Teachertinardh.com

And speaking of coursework, make sure to check out our new grad course through rootUon.com!


Tina Clarke, RDHProfile Photo

Tina Clarke, RDH

Dental Hygienist/Educator

Tina has 20 years of dental hygiene experience and over 14 years of educating future and current dental hygienists.

She graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 2001 with a Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene and from Concordia University in 2013 with a Master Degree in Education. Right out of dental hygiene school Tina worked in a small private practice for six years before she began to get "antsy". In 2007, she began teaching dental hygiene students in the collegiate setting. She has taught almost every topic we learn during those beginning years. Soon, her specialties began to lie in oral pain management, anatomy, medical emergencies and instrumentation techniques.

When not teaching future dental hygienists you will find Tina presenting continuing education courses, working in private practice, and diving into her passion for fitness.