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June 1, 2021

Are You Treating Your Hygienists as an Outkast?

Are You Treating Your Hygienists as an Outkast?
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Are you treating your dental hygienist as a part of the team or as a necessary evil?  With hygienists fleeing the dental field in record numbers, you can NOT afford to look the other way any longer. 

The dental industry is experiencing a crushing pressure due to the shortage of working hygienists. Before you try to blame it on the C word, take an honest look at your office manager, your consultants, and yourself. 

Cindy shares her personal story about how she, as an office manager, treated hygienists like they were an outcast of the dental team. She did not understand why they were paid more than her, or why they did not get excited when she would fill every one hour box available in their schedule. 

And then...

Cindy became a hygienist herself and was shown first-hand the other side of the story.

The side of the story where: 

  • Benefits are offered as part of employment- unless your a hygienist
  • Only the hygienist is expected to clock out during non-patient time
  • Any two members of the team can visit as long as one isn't a hygienist 
  • CE is paid for the entire team- except for the hygienists
  • Hygienists are only allowed vacation time when the office is shut down
  • Consultants play hygienists against each other as a way to increase $$
  • A hygienist is expected to out perform two assistants and one dentist
  • Their day is ruled by a 60 minute box 
  • They are expected to work through debilitating pain
  • The doctor bought coffee for everyone on the team- 


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This episode is dedicated to Passive Aggressive Patty ~ and Karma