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I am a huge fan of this podcast! Dentistry needs some fun and energetic topics. These ladies know how to keep things fresh! Keep thinking outside the box!! Keep inspiring and cheers to you🍺🍷Thank you Aurelia

Smart Dental Chicks

I have listened to every episode and am loving the variety of topics and guests. I found the side gig series to be heartfelt and such a great timely idea. Cheers ladies!

Out of the Box

These ladies host delicious guest taps while mixing in original scratch recipes of their own. I find myself laughing, crying and learning

7 stars!!

I have learned so much about dental innovation already and now I hear there is so much more to come. I can’t wait! Follow, subscribe and most definitely listen. You won’t regret it.


I love the versatility of their dental positions together. It makes it more relatable personally to be, but I’m sure to a lot of others. Plus who doesn’t want to kick back and drink a beer (or drink if choice) and listen to something that can put you in a better mood or help with maybe a situation you have at the office?!