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Getting To The Root of My Why

Getting To The Root of My Why

Today I am whole again.

Sure, most days I may feel a bit overwhelmed and consumed within the dental industry, but I feel totally blessed. My days are filled with phone calls, virtual meetings, giving live presentations, touring dental clinics, and the occasional day of clinical hygiene. I am also producing and co-hosting the Dental Alements podcast.

There are days where I find myself working away, checking off my to-do list, when all of the sudden I get this warm feeling in my gut and a feeling of completeness and joy. It is that warm fuzzy feeling that confirms what my true passion in the dental field is.

I am honored that I was able to share my truth and my “why” a few weeks back with Dew Life Magazine. It is important for us to know our purpose and own our “why”. I enjoyed this experience of sharing my history and story. You can read the full interview here: https://bit.ly/3bGNqBy